Providing Innovation in Bangkok Video Production

Our aim is to find ways to innovatively streamline video productions in Bangkok to decrease costs while keeping quality high AF.

It’s an exciting time to be a filmmaker – technology is allowing us to build smaller teams on high-end projects, this allows for quicker communication and in turn, decreasing the number of shooting days and the crew size needed for each production. Although we do work with cinema cameras on bigger shoots, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt our productions to the size of our clients’ budget.

Everything is relative in the world of Bangkok video production today as turnaround times shorten and content needs to become more frequent and consistent. As a contemporary video production company in Thailand, we understand that our clients need better video and more of it. Bangkok video production is stepping up to meet these needs and Fat Mango definitely wants to bring a fresh twist to this industry.

Our videographers in Bangkok work with clients to create reasonable turnaround times to deliver quality video that is vibrant, creative and interesting.

Video Shooting

Our highly experienced videographers in Thailand can work in a team or on their own on projects of any size.

From TVC scale productions to single shooter half day video shoots, we put a team together that suits the size of your project and budget. We believe it’s very important to stay versatile and we strive to constantly find new ways to streamline productions without compromising on quality.