Post Production Editing

The aim is to create a product that reflects our clients’ brand and unique voice.

We put massive emphasis on editing because we believe that the video is made in the editing room. Post production in Thailand is not an exception to this rule and we believe that the edit must be emphasized for every production that we are a part of.

They say that 80% of any great movie comes from the edit. This is especially true in travel and promotional videos. It’s one thing to have good footage but if the editor doesn’t know how to piece together the vibe, you will always end up with a product that will be quickly overlooked. We put massive emphasis on getting the feeling and message across with every edit we do.

Before starting on the production itself, we have a detailed discussion with our client about the look, feel and vibe of the video. This information is crucial in our understanding of what our client’s vision of the video will be and how we can tackle it in post production in Bangkok.

Editing is a thorough process and it requires a lot of time, patience and experience to finish a video just the way it was meant to be. Our Bangkok post production team puts together a complete edit schedule so that video is completed on time.
Editing is also an exciting and fun part of filmmaking since it gives us a chance to do more with the raw footage we bring to the editing phase. Fat Mango never compromises on trying to do something cool and new with our videos and we bring that mentality to our editing process as well.

We use professional editing software to sort clips, edit, color correct, select music and sound design. We also have in-house animators who can work on text graphics, 2D and 3D animation.